Condition Based Healthcare Cost Estimates for Patients

A comprehensive cost estimate platform utilizing patient condition to drive service assignment and cost. The perfect add-on to Baton.

Patient Friendly
Collect Early
Great Experience
Builds Loyalty
Reduces Burden
DRG and CPT Assignment

Precision cost estimates based on patient medical history.

Relay provides an experience that is similar to TurboTax. Patients are assigned to a service code and given estimates for out-of-pocket payment, national average price, and estimated insurance coverage.

Intuitive and Educational

Reduce administrative burden and optimize patient access.

No more burden of manual patient cost estimates. Patients can use Relay on their own time, and generate estimates in a way that is educational and familiar. Reap the benefits of reduced administrative burden and improved patient access.

Ready to see it in action?

ClaraPrice creates an innovative price transparency strategy to build long-term patient loyalty.

What Patients Say

ClaraPrice User Testimonial

It's so convenient for getting a cost up front.

ClaraPrice User
ClaraPrice User Testimonial

I showed this to my parents and they love it!

ClaraPrice User
ClaraPrice User Testimonial

The whole experience felt familar and easy.

ClaraPrice User
ClaraPrice User Testimonial

I got something real without giving up my personal information.

ClaraPrice User