ClaraPrice is the solution to the Price Transparency Executive Order

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ClaraPrice provides condition-based cost estimates for inpatient hospitalizations, giving Hospitals and Employers the tools to empower patients and reduce costs.

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ClaraPrice provides individualized cost estimates for surgery. With our intuitive technology based in science and condition, Patients are educated, financially prepared, and empowered along the way.

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ClaraPrice is the first online platform providing hospital-grade cost estimates to the public. Starting with the most current version of data from ICD-10, we convert patient condition into a DRG (Diagnosis Related Group) and then factor in demographic information to estimate a cost for care.

ClaraPrice estimates are based on systems that are endorsed by the World Health Organization and used around the globe. Unknown to most, The DRG (Diagnosis Related Group) system is a medical billing program that was invented in the U.S. by Yale scientists to determine healthcare pricing. DRGs are weighted differently due to conditional factors in each individual case.

Bridge the gap between your condition and the cost

Unknown to most consumers, DRGs were invented in the U.S. by Yale scientists and are now used worldwide to drive healthcare pricing. DRGs are weighted differently due to conditional factors in each individual case.

Billing departments trained in ICD-10 systems know that DRGs are ubiquitous and drive to cost for care. Claims data is not applicable when calculating this cost.

Prepare financially and avoid unexpected costs

The ClaraPrice experience is a questionnaire-based process that is similar to TurboTax® in nature. Patients answer a series of questions regarding demographic information and their medical history to calculate a cost estimate for surgery. The experience is intuitive and educational, with a focus on patient empowerment.

ClaraPrice provides personalized insights into the cost for care, allowing patients to prepare financially before surgery to avoid unexpected costs.

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Tell your Hospital or Employer about ClaraPrice today. ClaraPrice provides a solution that helps everyone prepare financially before surgery.