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ClaraPrice is the first online platform providing hospital-grade cost estimates to the public. Starting with the most current version of data from ICD-10, we convert patient condition into a DRG (Diagnosis Related Group) and then factor in demographic information to estimate a cost for care.

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ClaraPrice estimates utilize Hospital billing systems that are endorsed by the World Health Organization and used around the globe. Unknown to most, The DRG (Diagnosis Related Group) system is a medical billing program that was invented in the U.S. by Yale scientists to determine healthcare pricing. DRGs are weighted differently due to conditional factors in each individual case.

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The ClaraPrice experience is a questionnaire-based process that is similar to TurboTax® in nature. Patients answer a series of questions regarding demographic information and their medical history to calculate a cost estimate for surgery. The experience is intuitive and educational, with a focus on patient empowerment.

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