You'll be fully compliant with the OPPS Final Rule

Offload the administrative burden of compliance, and take back time for your busy team.

ClaraPrice - CMS Price Transparency Compliance Partner

Your compliance partner for the future.

Our team of Health IT and Hospital pricing experts will be a long-term resource. We'll ensure your compliance is always met and maintained.


We provide you with a custom website that is compliant with all requirements of CMS’s 2021 OPPS Price Transparency mandate. Your consumer-friendly display is accessible by all. It’s easy to use, mobile friendly, and works with all browsers.


We’ll build your data and transform it to go beyond your compliance with a API-ready data set you can put to work. With a CMS preferred machine-readable file format called JSON, your machine readable file is built for machines, not patients.

100% Compliant

Your price transparency resources will be fully-compliant with the CMS Final Rule for Price Transparency.

Ongoing Support

This isn't one and done. We will be your compliance partner for the future, keeping you well informed of legislative requirements as they evolve.

A simple process that works with your existing systems

Don't spend valuable time tracking down data and reports.

Consumer-friendly list of shoppable services. Interactive and branded to your Hospital.

We provide you with a custom and white-labeled website that is compliant with all requirements of the 2020 CMS Price Transparency mandate. The cloud-based platform is mobile-optimized, searchable, sortable, and filterable, improving upon the format required by CMS in Table 2 of the Final Rule.

Comprehensive machine-readable file. Rest easy knowing your data is secure and maintained.

We'll take your data and transform it into the CMS preferred machine-readable format called JSON, ensuring your file is secure and all required data points are present.

Your EHR, Excel, Text, PDF. We work with all formats.

ClaraPrice can work directly with most EHR platforms, and Epic users can get started directly from the App Orchard. We aggregate and analyze your pricing data so you don't have to.

ClaraPrice works with your existing EHR and systems.

It's time to offload your compliance burden.

Let us do the work for you. Take action today to turn your chargemaster management and price transparency compliance strategies into competitive advantage.

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