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Why Choose ClaraPrice?

We understand Hospital operations and Health IT, and we are committed to putting your Hospital team first. We work to optimize processes and remove administrative burdens, and we will be your partner for the future. You can rest easy knowing your ongoing compliance is managed and maintaned effectively for the long-term.

A comprehensive team of Health IT subject matter experts. We work hard to put the Hospital first.
Industry leading software innovation while setting new standards for customer support and user experience.
A core focus on the future to streamline and optimize Hospital operations and processes for the long term.

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Our team of Health IT and Hospital Billing experts has over 30 years of collective industry experience producing high-quality results for busy Hospital teams. Our clients choose us for a reason.

Key Questions For Your Health IT Partner

Q. Do you offer a supportive relationship rather than a transaction?

Having the same goals and objectives as your vendor is a key to success. Working together, you’re both moving in the same direction, as opposed to working with a vendor who simply provides a transactional delivery of services.

A: Our company initiative is to always put the Hospital first. We develop relationships with our customers to understand their individual needs so we can optimize specific processes and remove burdens. We are a long-term partner for the future, engaging with our customers on a routine basis and acting as an information resource to provide as much support as possible.

Q. Do you offer full customer support across all products?

The data that healthcare analytics and technology companies provide often require a depth of subject matter expertise to fully utilize. Some vendors charge adjustable rates for their solutions and may take an a la carte approach to their support. It is important to know whether the vendor you're working with can ensure end-to-end delivery and support for all solutions, without any unexpected upcharge.

A: Ensuring the delivery of industry-best customer support standards is a core part of our business. There is no additional charge for support, nor will there ever be, and it is included by default for all products and solutions. As a ClaraPrice client Hospital, you will receive full and unrestricted support access 7 days a week.

Q. What data do you share with Hospitals to help them make decisions?

The answer to this question will often tell you how great a priority transparency is to the vendor you're speaking with. The deeper the level of data provided, the greater the importance transparency is to that vendor. You should be able to drill down to the source data behind any visual dashboards. By having access to deeper level data, you will be able to conduct your own special studies and validate the numbers you are provided.

A: Data analytics engines are the core power of all ClaraPrice software solutions. It's imperitive that we provide Hospitals with meaningful information to make well informed decisions. Along with software tools and innovative administrative user experiences, we utilize AI-enabled programs to continuously put Hospital data to work.

Q. How do you utilize data analytics for the future?

Supportive partnerships allow for a deeper understanding of how clients use vendor's insights today and provides a strong base from which to grow in the future. Look for a vendor who offers software and platform solutions, home grown talent, and a team of experts who understand how analytic needs and solutions work together to help your organization reach current and future goals.

A: Our team of Health IT experts is continously monitoring healthcare legislation and the advancement of technologies and expectations in the industry. Every one of our software tools are built with the future in mind. We are looking ahead to how legislative initiatives and requirements will evolve to ensure the data that we gather and implement into new and improved solutions will keep your Hospital on the forefront of innovation and opportunity.

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