Begin to Build the Bridge to Accurate Hospital Bills at Patient Registration

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Begin to Build the Bridge to Accurate Hospital Bills at Patient Registration

ClaraPrice is providing a healthcare cost estimation tool to use with Patients before, during, and after surgery. With the founding team of experts in Revenue Cycle Management, the estimating tool is what IDN teams can implement to establish trust and kick off a positive hospital stay for patients.

RCMs are on board with the value of standardizing and implementing patient-centered tools

Rev cycle teams find patients feel more positive about their hospital experience when transparent and standardized up front with the total cost of the hospital episode.

The road to patient satisfaction is, in fact, paved with all things that start from an accurate pre-authorization, a thorough financial counseling session or estimate, a courteous front of house service through the medical care itself, all the way to getting the bill that you expect and the billing department’s previous projections holding true.

Standardizing best practices for communicating about a patient’s financial obligation might not sound like much fun, but it’s a win for everybody, according to Pattie Consolver, Director of Strategic Revenue Services - Patient Access at Texas Health Resources.

If we can eliminate the extra steps and communication after service than its a plus for everybody. Patient experience, for reimbursement, for everything, because it’s taken care of in the earlier stages of registration.

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Hospitals are now required to post pricing online, and ClaraPrice provides a clear and cost-effective solution to offload the administrative, technical, and cost burden associated with the process of managing and maintaining price transparency compliance. ClaraPrice gives hospitals a compliant, tailored, and managed website of shoppable services that is extremely easy for patients to use, building long term patient loyalty. The cloud-based software works with all EHRs, is available in Epic’s App Orchard, and requires no onsite integration. With ClaraPrice, hospitals have access to user and performance analytics using Microsoft Azure’s secure platform tools, providing meaningful insights into patient interaction.

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