ClaraPrice is Nominated for Austin Inno's Annual Tech Madness Competition

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ClaraPrice is Nominated for Austin Inno's Annual Tech Madness Competition
Press Release

We are excited to announce that ClaraPrice was nominated for Austin Inno’s annual Tech Madness Competition, and we need your vote!

The team at ClaraPrice is poised to transform price transparency in Healthcare by providing Hospitals with the tools to improve patient engagement, improve quality metrics, and increase early stage collections.

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This year’s group of 64 startups encompasses a broad range of Austin’s venture capital-backed startups, as well as bootstrapped companies. The contest asks the Austin innovation community to vote for the startups they would invest in.

The voting schedule is as follows:

  • Friday, March 8 – The Bracket Reveal (see below)
  • Round 1 voting March 8 – March 14.
  • Round 2 voting March 15 – March 20.
  • Round 3 (Sweet 16) voting March 21 – March 27
  • March 27: Austin Inno’s Tech Madness and State of Innovation meetup with a panel of angel * investors, including Cotter Cunningham (RetailMeNot) and Claire England (Central Texas Angel * Network)
  • Round 4 (Elite 8) voting March 27, 8pm – March 31.
  • Round 5 (Final 4) voting April 1 – April 3.
  • Round 6 (Finals) voting April 4 – April 6.

Hospitals are now required to post pricing online, and ClaraPrice provides a clear and cost-effective solution to offload the administrative, technical, and cost burden associated with the process of managing and maintaining price transparency compliance. ClaraPrice gives hospitals a compliant, tailored, and managed website of shoppable services that is extremely easy for patients to use, building long term patient loyalty. The cloud-based software works with all EHRs, is available in Epic’s App Orchard, and requires no onsite integration. With ClaraPrice, hospitals have access to user and performance analytics using Microsoft Azure’s secure platform tools, providing meaningful insights into patient interaction.

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